#35. Shroooooms

Media: acrylics on canvas
Dimensions: 12″ X 9″

excerpt from Life Cycle of a Mushroom

It is in the soil where the action begins. Each hyphae has only one nucleus with a single set of chromosomes (haploid cells). If two hyphae meet from a different mating strain they will fuse together and the nucleus of one cell will flow into the other. Every time this cell divides both nuclei replicate separately and so all of the cells from these hyphae are dikaryotic, not diploid. We speak of the cell as being n+n, not 2n. It is these hyphae that form the mushroom fruiting body.
Up on the gills when spores are about to form, the two nuclei fuse together, known as karyogamy; this is when fertilization occurs and a diploid (2n) zygote is produced. Then meiosis occurs, which, as usual, leads to 4 haploid (n) nuclei. These nuclei are then individually surrounded by a tough coat. They have become spores.

This concludes today’s science lesson 🙂

*** challenge = fuse

4 thoughts on “#35. Shroooooms

  1. Haha! Seems to me that we both had fungus on the brain for this Thursdays challenge! Great minds…. great minds… ;o)

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