#141. December Daily

After seeing so many beautiful images of December Daily albums all over Pinterest and many blogs, I finally decided to create one of my own.

I did not want to use  a kit with everything looking coordinated, (I prefer the melange effect) instead I wanted to utilize/ re-purpose found items like old books, Christmas cards, ephemera from here and there and…yes…some of the pretty papers sold for scrapbooking. I guess I am lucky to have found many of the items at a thrift store.

All of my base pages are from kids board books (50 cents at the thrift store).

I also want to use pop ups from this book: they are beautiful! I also found this book at the thrift store.

I separated the pages and I began covering them.

Here is a peak at a few I am still working on.

First is the cover:


Then there is the inside cover and first page: 

This is one of the pop ups I took from the book I mentioned above: I  will post more as I complete more pages.

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