#101. Milepebbles

OK, I have not been posting lately for Art Every Day Month, due to personal reasons I prefer not to discuss :-), but today I have something to post.

It is a Milepebbles bowl that I painted as a Pay It Forward gift for Janice at Postcards From Wildwood.
Of course I did not take a picture of it before sending it off because my head is often not on my shoulders, but now I “stole” the image from Janice’s blog and I can post it here [thanks, Janice! :-)].
Mile pebbles. Like milestones, but infinitely better.

Interactive art for the memorable moments in your life. Fill your bowl with memories, or, rather, milepebbles!

The idea is to reach down on special days or events, pick up a pebble and mark it with date and event, i.e.: “first kiss in the park”, or “trip to Mexico 09, ” then place it in your bowl and…VOILA`: you have a new milepebble.

Janice decided to also send me a gift in return, being the wonderful person that she is, and here is a photo of her handmade gift.

You can read about the steps she took to make this, here.

Wonderful, uh? Thank you, Janice!

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One thought on “#101. Milepebbles

  1. What a wonderful idea! The bowl is precious. It would be great to have those memories where you can handle them. Pebbles are so soothing too all smoothness and cool.

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