#90. My Butt Is Getting Old

This is a sketch of an actual event: a disgruntled employee kicking the office chair before kicking the door on his way out, and saying to me that my butt is getting old….

pencil on Moleskine planner.
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5 thoughts on “#90. My Butt Is Getting Old

  1. Wow, I am guessing that your disgruntled employee no longer works for you. I think that it is great that you have a sense of humor about it!

  2. I had to visit your blog after seeing your title! That is a humorous story from an outsider's perspective…it probably wasn't that funny at the time! Your sketch reminds me of the art my Grandpa used to make…thank you for the memories and the smile!

  3. Oh my gosh…I can't believe that happened! Some people are just party poopers and they emote with anger to cover their own insecurities. Good riddance and definitely laugh about it. Humor and laughter makes life pretty darn fun 😛

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