#66. iPhone Art

sketched on my iPhone [SimpleDraw App]

4 thoughts on “#66. iPhone Art

  1. Oh my gosh! you can sketch on an iphone? That might actually make it worth it to have AT&T as your provider 😉 Maybe I should look more closely at my iPod, perhaps at the Apps icon?Just found you via Voodoo Cafe to My Creative Journey to you. I'm going to look around and see what inspires you. I am also of Italian descent and lived in Italy for a long time. My blog,lots of Italian stuff, is still up, but unfortunately I haven't posted since Dec. 2007! Bad me.

  2. Anna Maria, thanks for your comment! I hope you’ll find this response because I tried to find a way to contact you via your blog, but I did not find a link.I love your blog, you SHOULD blog again!!! I also had a Mac blog, but I gave it up, as blogger is more user friendly and loads much quicker than the mac blog; I just kept the website……Cartunia Maccaroni is awesome!!! I will go back and read more on your blog, I just browsed really quickLy…

  3. Hi Marina, I just came back to visit and saw your answer. Thank you very much. Guess what? Just last night I started blogging again and moved to Blogger. I still don’t have it all figured out, but I like it a lot better than iWeb…

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