#64. Map

I drew the map of the area in Northern Italy where I was born. Pictured is lake Como. I have seen that image many many times growing up: it always reminded me of a dancer leaping toward Switzerland.

My town is Lecco [you can read more about it by clicking here].

= challenge #230: draw a map


4 thoughts on “#64. Map

  1. whereas, for me, i immediately thought of Giacometti's "Walking Man" … but i do like the idea of a dancer instead. do you get to return to Lecco very often? i hope so. it's a lovely area.

  2. Very cool! Even before I read your words I was going to say, "That body of water looks like a leaping figure!" 🙂

  3. I would love to visit your beautiful country someday. And you're quite right about the figural image of the water. It looks like it may "take off" at any moment.

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