#60. 100 Lire Man’s Birthday

Media:  acrylics on wood block
Dimensions:  3″ X 2.5″ X 1/2″

To celebrate his birthday, 100Lire Man wears his party hat and listens attentively to the black bird singing a song for him.

The 100 Lire man was born years ago when I was a child and my mother sat with me and we drew together. My mom used the L.100 Italian coin as a template to draw the body and then everything else was added to create different scenes. The whole L.100 family was drawn this way. Animals were also part of his family and smaller lira coins were used for them. Painting these little scenes now is so much fun: I’m a little “bambina” again!

Theme Thursday challenge = People With Hats

7 thoughts on “#60. 100 Lire Man’s Birthday

  1. Anna Maria, I miss the old money too, along with a whole bunch of people: my mom still has to calculate how much an item would cost in Lire to understand the actual value…..Thanks to all commenting.

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