#58. Fiesta!

Media: oils on canvas
Dimensions: 16” X 20” 

I always liked giant chrysanthemums: they remind me of Autumn in Italy when, around the Day of the Dead, you are surrounded by the festive colors of these flowers. The streets are dotted by carts of mums vendors and the visits to the cemetery are less gloomy and sad because of their colors all over the graves. 

5 thoughts on “#58. Fiesta!

  1. Beautiful, vibrant colours, Marina. Your painting makes me think of my dad. He grew chrysanthemums and dahlias every year and every autumn the garden was full of their bright clashing colours. Thank you!Janice.

  2. Beautiful and happy! Also love your watercolor of Romolo and Remo. I commented on previous post of yours a few minutes ago, and just now read your “about me”. My mother married and American military man, after world war II, and that is how I came to be.

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