#47. Flying Pinocchio

5.5″ X 3.5″
Caran d”Ache colored pencils on Moleskine watercolor notebook.

Ever dream of flying?
I am usually scared of flying (on a plane), but when I dream of flying on my own, I think it’s so wonderful. I usually fly not very high, like most of the small birds around here; it’s so nice seeing things from up there….

In this drawing I used Pinocchio to represent one of my flights.

challenge = flying

= challenge #70 – Draw what you’re afraid of.

9 thoughts on “#47. Flying Pinocchio

  1. I think lots of people have fears about flying. I fly without too many qualms, but I have nightmares about flying, where I am the pilot and I have NO idea what I’m doing. Your interpretation is a creative response to the challenge.

  2. I used to often dream I was flying when I was young, and usually enjoyed it, too. Guess common sense put paid to the dreams eventually…

  3. I love your Pinnochio drawing! I don’t dream of flying often. It’s funny, but I think I get more scared of flying in dreams than I do when flying (in a plane) in real life!

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