#42. Emotions

pencil on Moleskine sketchbook

I made this for the Art Journal Challenge = emotion.

As soon as i read the theme, I immediately drew this, not sure where it came from. I actually find it a little disturbing…

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “#42. Emotions

  1. There is a great story in this picture. As a historian I have studied many cultures and civilizations who employ masks as part of who they are as a people and their cultures. (I think of the Mayans and certain African tribes) One of the things that I have taken from these studies is that it takes many masks to truly understand the individual, culture or people. No one mask identifies us and no matter how many masks you try to use to explain an individuals or group there always seems to be one more mask to add to the mix. As we grow as individuals or a society we are always adding new masks to identify us not only in the past , but also in the present. The future mask is yet to be created although its roots are in the here and now.You have created the possibility of a series of wonderful sketches and dynamic paintings. I would love to see what you could do with a mask series.This is an exceptional illustration and yes everything connected with masks is a little eerie.

  2. I think the eerie quality comes because the masks are so heavily drawn, they swamp the fine line emotions on the background, as though they’ve been almost eradicated.

  3. I think I adore this sketch. The different masks we put on our emotions. The different emotions we put on as masks. It’s simple yet speaks volumes.

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