#40. The Rotund Mermaid

Media:  oil paints on wood panel
Dimensions:  27″ X 24″ 

This is how I always imagined mermaids: rotund.
I painted mermaids before, but always featuring their common slim figure. This time I decided to go for it. I wanted to depict her in tranquil and serene waters.
Rich blues and greens deepen and fade all throughout the painting making it a peaceful and pleasant picture to view.

5 thoughts on “#40. The Rotund Mermaid

  1. Hello Fair Artist of green mermaids,We have been watching you. We are artist also. At least that’s what they call us. You may even know us. We’d like to invite you to a member of our very Private Club. We’re very selective and only an elite few are welcome on our hallowed grounds. We pick you. We even have a little ‘chit chat’ room just for the likes of you. It’s rightfully called Dante’s Pub. But when your enter BEWARE! You are entering the abyss of the artist mind! You may not find your way out. You’re welcome to watch from afar while drinking your brew or pull up a chair and join us for a little chat. Be sure and register and then log in. After all, this is a very private club. We don’t allow just any wanderer in our midst. Don’t dilly dally now! It wont cost you a pence. Check out The Artist Challenge and Dante’s Pub- that is if your daring and think yourself worthy to be amongst the souls we’ve claimed? Farewell…until we hear from you, Master Mike and the Pub Wench Artist Challenge- http://www.theartistchallenge.com/Dante‘s Pub – http://www.theartistchallenge.com/art-forum/

  2. She;s lovely, its nice to have a different vision of a mermaid. Also she is more like the dugong here, which is I think the creature which was supposed to have inspired the whole idea of mermaids

  3. Thank you Green Poet. I did not know about dugongs before, I checked them out and I agree with you about the similarity. The concept is, of course, the need of fat to keep warm in cold waters 🙂

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