16. Cipressi a Monteaperti

Media:  oils on poplar wood block.
Dimensions:  6″ X 3.5″ X 1/2″

Wide open space in Tuscany countryside.

“Cipressi a Monteaperti” (Monteaperti Cypresses) is part of my “Italy On My Mind” series. Monteaperti is a small village near Siena (famous for a battle in the year 1260, mentioned even in Dante’s Inferno) and surrounded by the typical Tuscan hills. I spent several summer vacations traveling all over the Tuscany countryside and the coast.
This piece has rich layers of color and texture. I can just smell that country air in a hot summer afternoon.

challenge = wide

3 thoughts on “16. Cipressi a Monteaperti

  1. I always put 3 cypress trees in most of my landscapes as a signature, a personal memory note to my 3 cats from long ago. This is lovely.

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