12. Dentist Office Chair

pencil on moleskine planner

My dentist’s waiting room is very “shabby chic”.
It has that nautical or beach theme going: starfish, shells, beach scenes prints, etc.
The chairs are whicker, in a color that resembles dark chocolate.
They are comfortable, but I rarely notice it, because I worry so much about what is going to happen in few minutes (yes, I’m a chicken!).
Well, at least, I kill time sketching…

= challenge #30 – draw a chair

3 thoughts on “12. Dentist Office Chair

  1. I love your chair! Whenever I do routine things I sooo appreciate it because it is nice to at times be inspired by things outside of “art.” Instead be inspired by things normal like the dentist office :).

  2. What a comfortable looking chair! Seems like the waiting rooms are nicer now, than when I was a child. In the 1950s they all were hard and covered with plastic, or at least that’s how I remember my dentist’s office.

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