11. Alice in the Hole

-ink drawing
-digitally enhanced colors

This piece was totally inspired by a drawing of Alice in Wonderland made by my daughter.
I love the white circle (=hole), love the big hands and all the details, like the clock in the rabbit’s hands…

After drawing with ink, I used watercolors; after scanning the image, I filled in the colors digitally.

Inspire Me Thursday challenge = bring a child’s art to life.

Entry in the EBSQ Art Show Alice in Wonderland


6 thoughts on “11. Alice in the Hole

  1. I love how the tree has a hole in it! I remember doing that often as a kid, but never any more. I think as kids we think that many trees have holes and that all sorts of interesting things could be going on in there.

  2. Yes, this is the kind of art that makes people happy! It’s beautiful and funny. I love that Alice and the rabbit have those big smiles on their faces!

  3. I wish your daughter could illustrate some of my poems for children! Or even Mum, if she’s never grown up, like me?! This picture is adorable.

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