2. Chicken Egg

Media: oil pastels on board
Dimensions: 8″ X 10″

Simply trying to put an end to the dilemma of the Chicken and the Egg: which of the two was first?

Seriously “speaking”, I agree with those who believe the chicken was first.
Here is an explanation: The first chicken egg was supposedly laid by a pre-chicken (we are talking about evolution, here), an evolving creature not yet a “chicken”. Since we call a chicken egg an egg laid by a chicken, we cannot call this first egg a chicken egg, because it was laid by a pre-chicken. Therefore the conclusion is that the Chicken Egg came into existence after the first Chicken. 🙂

This vibrant piece has rich layers of colors, highlighted by bold black contour lines.
It was fun creating it.

Products featuring this design are available here


16 thoughts on “2. Chicken Egg

  1. I think my mind is scrambled (like an egg) after reading your story about which came first!! Your painting is SUPERB. I love it. I love the rich colours and the textures. I love the way you have suggested feathers with the deft little touches of gold. I love the way the chicken's head sits on his chest. I JUST LOVE IT. You are so talented. Fantastic artwork.

  2. Martina you just scrambled my brain with that little story, but the little chicken you so cleverly created is just amazing. This has to be one of your very best. Bravo.

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